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This program is not about life changes.

It's about changing the quality of your life!

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Price: £120 

Take your practice to a whole new level!

First, we will provide you with an overview of the model - a panoramic perspective. Almost immediately, you will gain an enhanced vision of the human energy system as a whole.

Once we have done that, we will dive deeper and explore the functions and physiology of the extraordinary meridians, including relevant acupressure points and their use in relation to the type and quality of energy within the different levels we will be exploring.

We will encourage your self-reflection and exploration with a four-part Qigong. These postures and movements will transform the theoretical model into a living experience.

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand the bigger picture of the meridian system
  • possess an expanded understanding of the qualities of Qi
  • recognize the relationships between time frames and energy patterns
  • feel and understand the qualities of each of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians through embodiment practice
  • begin to overcome the habit of seeing a person primarily in terms of pathology and diagnosis, and move towards recognising potential through the economics of energy patterning.



What is Mindbodify?


Mindbodify is your hands-on tool for getting back on track and reaching your full potential in life. We have designed Mindbodify to help you experience your body as an inner resource that is always available for you.

We all have moments of overwhelm with stressful situations at work, home or school. Our easy-to-use practices will help you shift out of tension, anxiety, overwhelm and “living in your head”.

But it doesn’t stop there! 10 to 20 minutes of regular practice per day will help you begin to face your everyday challenges in a calmer and more open way. Then you will be ready for the next step – to boost your creativity, find your uniqueness and connect with others in a more meaningful way.

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Your monthly subscription plan gives you access to a wide range of short instructional videos with practices for stress release and relaxation, movement exercises and short meditations.

You will have access to:

  • Easy to apply stress release and relaxation practices
  • Mindful Movement exercises to help you start your day centred and energized
  • Videos for harmonizing and stimulating the flow of energy in your body
  • Short meditations which you can use anytime you feel anxious or stressed.

Your monthly plan will cost you just £7.99

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The Membership Program


What is membership? In a word - belonging. The feeling that you are part of something bigger, which can support you and to which you can contribute. You will be able to hear the stories, insights and experiences of your fellow members and share your own.

As you do so, you become a co-creator, helping us improve, expand and refine our program. The community we are developing around the Mindbodify core practices will play an active part in inspiring us to create even better ones for all present and all future members of the program.

Sharing your process and insights with others will not only support your engagement but also aid persistence - one of the key factors for transformation.

Our Courses

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Price - £120

  • Detailed information about each sea, its internal dynamics and external relationships
  • Breakdowns of the Four Seas, point groupings & treatment options
  • Qi sensitivity exercises
  • Four Seas Qigong Series
  • Recordings of each 100-minute session.
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 Price: £120

This course will provide you with an in-depth, detailed and clearly organised perspective on acupoints. We will start by looking at the general phenomenon of the points within the meridian framework and then closely investigate a series of point families. Week by week, I will be guiding you through specific point groups so that you will not only be able to locate and identify but also use them in your practice - and self-practice!

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Price: £120


This recording includes eight sessions, each around 100 minutes long. Each session includes preliminary discussion, introduction of the day's micro-topic, conceptual exploration, and of course practical application through embodiment exercises and full length self treatments. Each session concludes with questions and feedback and of course further elucidation, elaboration and extrapolation.
Through the resource bank, you will also gain direct access to the exercise sequences and the treatment patterns as distinct and easily accessible items.


I'm loving it, learning a lot of stuff, learning to look at things that I know from a different angle and seeing a wider picture and a deeper meaning.

Learning about the nodal zones has opened a new window in my practice, both personal and with my clients - such a quick, easy and meaningful way to connect with the energy of a greater meridian without having to go through the entire channels when time is short.


It’s reacting on every level, the conceptual, the kata, the body, mind, soul, everywhere. The course is intense - it has a very powerful effect; the mind has no time to get involved because it’s so dense and multi-dimensional. It just happens. My mind will take time to understand it but my body and soul are reacting, adjusting: shifts, dreams, pain, release, some parts are clearing: all together. WHOUF!

Thanks a lot!


I enjoyed the qigong. Lifting the ankles in the Heart/Kidney postures got better and better. I noticed my legs were stronger the days after we did it and I also felt stronger in myself.

What was also brilliant was connecting points, for example Bl & SI points. I can definitely use that for teaching when tracing the meridians in class. Also, thank you for the in-depth information about the points.

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