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This program is not about life changes.

It's about changing the quality of your life!

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Energy Management and Time - Guided Meditations

There are always things that confuse and limit our capacity - things we have experienced, are currently going through or even facing in our immediate future.
It turns out that unless we are fully in the present, we cannot resolve these things. Conversely, unless we resolve these issues, we cannot be fully in the present.
For anyone who missed the first session and wanted to catch up and fill their mind-body tank with goodness, here is an offer you might not be able to refuse - a recording of the event with two separate guided meditations (15 mins & 12 mins respectively).
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What is Mindbodify?

Mindbodify is your hands-on tool for getting back on track and reaching your full potential in life.

We have designed Mindbodify to help you experience your body as an inner resource that is always available for you.

We all have moments of overwhelm with stressful situations at work, home or school. Our easy-to-use practices will help you shift out of tension, anxiety, overwhelm and “living in your head”.

But it doesn’t stop there!

10 to 20 minutes of regular practice per day will help you begin to face your everyday challenges in a calmer and more open way.

Then you will be ready for the next step – to boost your creativity, find your uniqueness and connect with others in a more meaningful way.

Based on The Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale 


Why is Mindbodify a Membership Program?

What is membership? In a word - belonging. The feeling that you are part of something bigger, which can support you and to which you can contribute. You will be able to hear the stories, insights and experiences of your fellow members and share your own.

As you do so, you become a co-creator, helping us improve, expand and refine our program. The community we are developing around the Mindbodify core practices will play an active part in inspiring us to create even better ones for all present and all future members of the program.

Sharing your process and insights with others will not only support your engagement but also aid persistence - one of the key factors for transformation.

The Mindbodify Cycle of Transformation

Mindbodify transformation is based on a cyclical process that we approach with curiosity and an open heart.

1. We start by identifying the situation “As it is”.

2. The next step is to recognise opportunities for change.

3. With simple mindful movements you will explore the qualities you would like to develop and embody. This is the experimental part as you start to get familiar with the core Mindbodify practices.

4. Next step is practice. There are no right or wrong answers - it’s all about how you feel in this very moment. Practising with freedom and curiosity creates an awareness of being in your body and in your centre.

5. The last phase of the cycle is to observe, reflect and review the entire experience. Recording reflections from your practice with drawings and words will help you track your progress over time.

At this stage, we re-enter the cycle to discover the next level of meaning and transformation.

With time you will find that you are able to anchor the bodily sense of being in your centre. This will support you when dealing with triggering stress events and help you smoothly return to a state of calmness and solidity. 

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Membership is absolutely FREE during your 30-day trial period.


Your monthly subscription plan gives you access to a wide range of short instructional videos with practices for stress release and relaxation, movement exercises and short meditations.

You will have access to:

  • Easy to apply stress release and relaxation practices
  • Mindful Movement exercises to help you start your day centred and energized
  • Videos for harmonizing and stimulating the flow of energy in your body
  • Short meditations which you can use anytime you feel anxious or stressed.

Your monthly plan will cost you just £7.99

Try it and see!

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How it Works

The program will lead you through three areas of exploration.

  • The Basics

This set is about bringing attention to your everyday way of doing things. How do you sit, how do you breathe, how do you feel in your body? These are short videos that will help you stop for a moment and come back to your body.

  • Back to your centre

The main focus here is to relieve stress in the head, neck and shoulders. We also explore the main principles which will help you prevent coming back. These practices are in seated and standing positions.

  • Routines

This section is comprised of three parts:

1) The morning routines focus on energizing and preparing you for the day.

2) The evening routines support the process of releasing tension you may have accumulated during the day.

3) The routines for any time of day will help you develop a broader range of qualities. By refining the focus, you can explore different aspects of yourself. We invite you to experiment with these longer practices and engage your whole body.

  • The Programme

This is where you create your daily ritual to praise Life, give yourself time to Be and take a few moments for self-affirmation and self-care.

The first step is to learn the technique. You will only need a few minutes of regular practice at home, in your office or on your way to work until the practice becomes part of you. This is your way out of survival mode and into a more creative, open and satisfying state of being.

Live Online Workshops and Q&A Sessions

During the workshops and seminars we will explore the principles and origins of the practices in more detail - you will learn more about the philosophy behind them. Each Q & A session will help you to deepen your practice and help us to support you in a more direct and personalised way.