The Four Seas


Online Course with Chris McAlister

 Price:  £240


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What are the Four Seas and where does the idea come from?


How do we use them in practice to help ourselves and our clients?


How do the Seas relate to each other - in excess and in deficiency?

The Four Seas

Take your practice to a whole new level!


First, we will provide you with an overview of the model - a panoramic perspective. Almost immediately, you will gain an enhanced vision of the human energy system as a whole.

Having done that, we will dive deeper and explore the functions and pathways of the seas, including relevant acupressure points and their use in relation to the type and quality of energy within the different sea levels.

We will encourage your self-reflection and exploration with a full length Qigong set in four parts. These postures and movements will transform the theoretical model into a living experience.

This online course gives you:

  • Detailed information about each sea, its internal dynamics and external relationships
  • Breakdowns of the Four Seas, point groupings & treatment options
  • Qi sensitivity exercises
  • Four Seas Qigong Series
  • Recordings of each 100-minute session.

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand the bigger picture of the meridian system
  • possess an expanded understanding of the qualities of Qi
  • recognize the relationships between time frames and energy patterns
  • feel and understand the qualities of each of the seas through embodiment practices
  • begin to overcome the habit of seeing a person primarily in terms of pathology and diagnosis and move towards recognising potential through the economics of energy patterning.