Doors to Infinity 


Online Course with Chris McAlister

Price:  £240


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Detailed information about each group of points, its internal dynamics and its relationship to the whole

Location & Treatments

Guided Self-treatments for understanding of the logic, the personality and the poetry of each group of points

Qi Awareness

Developing awareness of each point group's patterns of influence within the human energetic system. 


Doors to Infinity

Take your practice to a whole new level!


This course will provide you with an in-depth, detailed and clearly organised perspective on acupoints. We will start by looking at the general phenomenon of the points within the meridian framework and then closely investigate a series of point families. Week by week, I will be guiding you through specific point groups so that you will not only be able to locate and identify but also use them in your practice - and self practice!

My intention is to stimulate you conceptually/intellectually, practically/clinically and also spiritually/philosophically. The course will also include Qigong and embodiment instruction to enable you to make full use of all the information provided. 

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Learn and connect with the poetry of the points’ names, their vibration and expression
  • Be familiar with the following groups of points: Shu, Mu, Yuan, Luo, Xi-cleft, the 8 Influential points, the Antique points as well as the 5 Element points with which they coincide
  • Understand their characters and personalities and how, when and why to use them
  • Have a deeper understanding of the multidimensional nature of the human energetic system
  • Possess an expanded understanding of the qualities of Qi
  • Recognize relationships between time frames and energy patterns
  • Feel and understand the qualities of the points in relation to the meridian families’ framework through self-treatment and embodiment practices
  • Begin to overcome the habit of seeing a person primarily in terms of pathology and move towards recognising potential through the economics of energy patterning.