The Meridian Families

with Chris McAlister


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Detailed information about each family, its internal dynamics and its relationship to the whole.

Qi Awareness

Qigong for the meridian families
Qi sensitivity exercises

Points & Treatments

Breakdowns of the Greater Meridians with point groupings and treatment options

8 Live Sessions on Consecutive Mondays

Start: Monday 25th October, 6 pm GMT

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the bigger picture of the meridian system
  • Possess an expanded understanding of the qualities of Qi
  • Recognize the relationships between time frames and energy patterns
  • Feel and understand the qualities of each meridian family through embodiment practices
  • Begin to overcome the habit of seeing a person primarily in terms of pathology and diagnosis and move towards recognising potential through the economics of energy patterning.


The Meridian Families


8 Live Sessions

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