What is Nourishment?

At the most basic level, we consider health as physical well-being. Salient nutritive factors include food, drink, breath and of course the continuum that stretches from rest through activity.
Beyond these survival levels, we might consider enrichment to be the goal of nourishment. Surviving is an absolute necessity, but once achieved we can extend our horizons to the richness of life as we shape and create it. Our emotional spectrum, our mental abilities and our spiritual capacities also thirst for development. Each has particular requisites that vary over season, year and decade.
Connection with self seems to be as important as connection with others. In other words: sharing as an art form. Do we always manage to fill our own quota sufficiently before giving our resources to those around us? Do we hoard unnecessarily, subtly scared by the spectre of scarcity?
Another less often discussed form of nourishment is what we call inspiration: when we are inspired, we feel fulfilled. Feeding and being fed by inspiration in spirals leading both inwards and outwards are curiosity and creativity.
A vital continuum is that of structure and creativity. Once we find the correct ratio of grounding to spontaneity, we find the key to expressing ourselves, consistently and without draining ourselves. Consistency is the key to developing abilities and turning them into skills with practice over time.

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