Meridian Families Feedback

I'm loving it, learning a lot of stuff, learning to look at things that I know from a different angle and seeing a wider picture and a deeper meaning. It is stirring my curiosity about so many things and inspiring me to learn more.


Learning about the nodal zones has opened a new window in my practice, both personal and with my clients - such a quick, easy and meaningful way to connect with the energy of a greater meridian without having to go through the entire channels when time is short.


Most useful for professional development are the Embodiment practices and the Kata, the Acupoint self-treatments.


It makes so much sense while doing Shiatsu - it keeps popping up all the time in my practice now. Or I shall say, my practice is now viewed from the meridian families perspective - super interesting. Thanks, very grateful.


The visual aspect is very important for my understanding, so I have printed the materials from the platform to use in my practice. I come back to them regularly.


It’s reacting on every level, the conceptual, the kata, the body, mind, soul, everywhere. The course is intense - it has a very powerful effect; the mind has no time to get involved because it’s so dense and multi-dimensional. It just happens. My mind will take time to understand it but my body and soul are reacting, adjusting: shifts, dreams, pain, release, some parts are clearing: all together. WHOUF! Thanks a lot!


The very everyday nature of the first family starts soft and cool - so useful and nourishing. The second family brings physical pain, tension in the arms, shoulders and legs, waking up in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, all very cool! Lots of dreams and insights. As for the last family, I don’t know yet... looking forward!




I really enjoyed all our Monday meetings - I learned so much. Your explanations and translations of the greater meridians, eg. Tai Yang - external yang. Before I didn’t get it. Now I do. Thank you!


I enjoyed the qigong. Lifting the ankles in the Heart/Kidney postures got better and better. I noticed my legs were stronger the days after we did it and I also felt stronger in myself.

I also enjoyed the Nodal areas. I had noted that Lung 1 and Spleen 20 are very close, so great. And Yang Ming in the face!

What was also brilliant was connecting points, for example Bl & SI points. I can definitely use that for teaching when tracing the meridians in class. Also, thank you for the in-depth information about the points.



The materials on the platform are supporting my learning process - good that the main presentation is referred to every week 😊


Most beneficial so far has been how to move from concept and theory into practice - very useful information, that is applicable in the treatment room right off the bat!


Can you think of something we could improve?

Not at the moment. 😊😊


It was a great course and the content needs to be shared.


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