Touching the Invisible:
Exploring the Way of Shiatsu


Chris McAlister, Jeremy Halpin & Jan Nevelius

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About the Book

This is not your typical book on Shiatsu - it is not a ‘how to’ manual for students. There are already plenty of excellent manuals available. Rather, it is a view of Shiatsu practice and philosophy we wished existed when we were students. Many years later, as experienced practitioners and teachers, we found ourselves still wishing it existed. As the saying goes, “If you want something done, do it yourself.”  

It was in this spirit that, after teaching a series of retreat workshops on the idyllic Swedish island of Gotland in the mid-2000’s, one of the author team, Jan Nevelius, suggested we extend our collaboration into written form and the seed of this book was thereby sown. 

After 12 years of toil, laughter and tears, our little masterpiece is finally ready to meet the big, wide world.

It is a collection of observations about life as a practitioner by three colleagues who have come to know each other walking along the path that involves providing service to others and thus growing as a human being.

Our intention was to create a book that is partly a beautiful experience but also an exploration over time that leads gradually into process thinking.

We use Oriental metaphors, images and explanatory models to explain in simple terms the enormous complexity of the human being.

We hope you will benefit from this whether you are a patient, a therapist or a viewer of life at large.

The book is written in English but it is relatively easy to read.

Interviews & Presentations of The Book

An interview

with Mihael Mamychshvili 

 An interview with Chris, Jan and Jeremy
on Everything Shiatsu.

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An interview

with Cliff Andrews

Exploring the Way of Shiatsu
with Chris McAlister

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An interview

with Kumiko Kanayama

An interview with Chris
at Five Lights Center of Shiatsu Studies.

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About the Authors

Jeremy Halpin 

Born in Sydney, Australia, Jeremy Halpin has been in practice for 35 years as a Zen Shiatsu therapist, acupuncturist, healer and teacher. Apart from establishing diploma courses in Zen Shiatsu and alternative medical disciplines in four countries, he is also a published researcher in the field of Integrative Medicine. Between 2000-2008 he was a keynote speaker at the  Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Course for doctors and medical students at the Karolinska medical institute in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Chris McAlister 

Born in London, UK, Chris received his Shiatsu and acupuncture education in Japan and China and has studied extensively in Taiji chuan, Chinese martial arts and Qigong with masters  worldwide. He runs a holistic health centre in Uppsala, Sweden and teaches regular seminars internationally in the field of Shiatsu, acupuncture, Taiji chuan and Qigong. Chris has been active in the arena of European complementary medicine for the past twenty five years and is currently president of the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF) and the European Federation for Complementary and  Alternative Medicine (EFCAM). 

Jan Nevelius 

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Jan has been engaged in the fields of Aikido and Shiatsu for over 40 years. He received most of his Shiatsu and Acupuncture education in Japan in the early 1980:s.  Jan is a seventh dan Aikido Shihan, runs a dojo in central Stockholm and holds regular Aikido seminars throughout the world. He also teaches Qigong, Taiji chuan and Reiki. 

Rose Brown

Your beautiful book arrived today. I am very excited about reading it - just flipping through it exudes a calm sense of experience and hope for the future.

Ahlam B.

A new friend arrived at my home - will be well treated. I shall find the time next week to sit under the sun and In-Joy the journey of the invisible being touched.

Inbal Haleli Blass

Thank you Chris for such a beautiful book, that touches the depth of my being.  I enjoy it immensely. Please convey my gratitude to Jan and Jeremy as well.

Frans Annergarn

So here it is! A unique book recommended by co-writer Chris McAlister. It arrived late yesterday and I am now taking a look at it. Directly, as suspected and hoped, it gives me a sense of connection. Or recognition because the topics are honest and experience driven. The interview style is very cleverly done so it reads like something you just pick up like a magazine. I'll carry on reading now....

Chris is an amazing colleague with enormous experience and a long personal learning curve among many masters in East Asia - an inspiration to me personally and the upcoming generation of Shiatsu students and therapists.

Irene N.

What I like most so far is that it describes the noble path that leads to and from Shiatsu. I find myself nodding and underlining every third sentence. There are so many sentences "of gold", where I think - Oh, that is so well said!

Johanna Häkkinen

I wanted to say that your book is a masterpiece. Like how much you emphasize the self-developmental path of the practitioner - this is so important but so underestimated. The benefit is seen during pandemics like COVID.

Josie Mccabe

It sure is a treasure! I've read 4 chapters so far and dipped into the whole book and it has helped me understand a number of things that I have had questions about but could not find the answers to anywhere else.